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My first boat was a 1968 Renken semi
tri-hull. Bought it back in 1990. It had an
old run-out Chrysler 90 HP 2 stroke pull
start (elec starter was gone). First run
on a lake and it consumed the needle
bearings from a conn rod, spewed parts
and bent sparkplug electrode in one
cylinder, as well as needle bearings in
between the piston skirt and cylinder
wall! :p: But it got us back to the dock!
So, I bought a used Evinrude 70 HP 3
cyl 2 stroke with CDI ignition, elect
start and ran that engine for 4 years with
NO problems.
Max speed: 29 MPH. Sipped gas, never
stranded me and I didn't have to worry
about getting dings in it from poor
docking procedures! :D
I installed an AM/FM cass stereo, depth/
fish finder, fixed the lights and other
electrical problems on both the boat
and trailer.
Best part: paid cash for it. $750 bucks
boat, trailer and (Chrysler) engine.
The replacement Evinrude set me back
$1,200 but it turned out to be a great
Used to severely abuse the boat
almost every weekend pulling wake
boards, tubing, skiing, camping etc.
Here's a pic (that's not me in the boat,
but my bud Matt ).

>-Click Here for the pic-<


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1978 Thompson 15' Sidewinder with a 170hp 4 cylinder. Ran over 50mph and spent more time in the air then on the water chasing the Donzi's and then it sank. Bought it for 3grand and sold it two summers later for 3500. Since then I have been through 4 Hydrostreams and now the Sunsation.

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1960 14' Seaswirl (Fiberglass). 20HP 1970 Johnson.

I paid $400 for it in 1987 with the trailer. The previous owner had used a Grinder on it. We took it home sanded, and sanded, and sanded, and then shot it with White Imron. Put in New Seats and cleaned it up. Then I had my first boat, at 14 years old. It was wild to think about now, because it was a 30 year old boat, and still had all of the original hardware. I ran that boat for 5 years, on Lake Chelan, puget Sound, everywhere. When I think about it now, it was probably the best boat I've ever owned. Put gas in it and go (sure, it only went about 20 MPH) but for a kid, it was great!! Sold it in 1992 for $1,500...then bought a 13 whaler with a 65 on it, but that's another story.....:D



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Mine was a 1960's Thompson wood hual with a Johnson 40hp that my father later changed to a Johnson 70 hp so I could ski on 1. I have some very fond memories of that boat!:D :D, top speed was about 40mph.
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