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Your first boat-> Tell us about it and post a PIC!

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My first boat was a 1968 Renken semi
tri-hull. Bought it back in 1990. It had an
old run-out Chrysler 90 HP 2 stroke pull
start (elec starter was gone). First run
on a lake and it consumed the needle
bearings from a conn rod, spewed parts
and bent sparkplug electrode in one
cylinder, as well as needle bearings in
between the piston skirt and cylinder
wall! :p: But it got us back to the dock!
So, I bought a used Evinrude 70 HP 3
cyl 2 stroke with CDI ignition, elect
start and ran that engine for 4 years with
NO problems.
Max speed: 29 MPH. Sipped gas, never
stranded me and I didn't have to worry
about getting dings in it from poor
docking procedures! :D
I installed an AM/FM cass stereo, depth/
fish finder, fixed the lights and other
electrical problems on both the boat
and trailer.
Best part: paid cash for it. $750 bucks
boat, trailer and (Chrysler) engine.
The replacement Evinrude set me back
$1,200 but it turned out to be a great
Used to severely abuse the boat
almost every weekend pulling wake
boards, tubing, skiing, camping etc.
Here's a pic (that's not me in the boat,
but my bud Matt ).

>-Click Here for the pic-<

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17 foot Crestliner with a 115 Johnson. Nice heavy deep v boat,just not for Lake Michigan. I will try to dig up a picture.

Oh,almost forgot the best part,paid $3300.00 had it 3 years and sold it for $3250.00.
1960 14' Seaswirl (Fiberglass). 20HP 1970 Johnson.

I paid $400 for it in 1987 with the trailer. The previous owner had used a Grinder on it. We took it home sanded, and sanded, and sanded, and then shot it with White Imron. Put in New Seats and cleaned it up. Then I had my first boat, at 14 years old. It was wild to think about now, because it was a 30 year old boat, and still had all of the original hardware. I ran that boat for 5 years, on Lake Chelan, puget Sound, everywhere. When I think about it now, it was probably the best boat I've ever owned. Put gas in it and go (sure, it only went about 20 MPH) but for a kid, it was great!! Sold it in 1992 for $1,500...then bought a 13 whaler with a 65 on it, but that's another story.....:D



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1997 Larson 186 SEI, cheap, and was more into fishing then boating then. Sold it because we got tired of getting beat to death in the 1-2 ft chop on the lake, and would never be out in the Gulf on that.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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